Richard E. Butts

Engineering, Artwork, Competition, For the Fun of It

Resume of Richard E. Butts

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Brief Summary of Experience and Skills


Engineering of profitable and reliable business products for delivery to the consumer and industrial markets. Skilled individual contributor and active team member during product development and transition into mass production startup.


U.S. Patents

Professional Experience

Product Test Consultant & Litigation Expert
Product and System Design Engineer
Technical Specialist and Project Manager; Levels I, II and III
Senior Project Engineer - Mechanical Design


Master of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
Bachelor of Science. Mechanical Engineering

Community Activities

Member: Board of Directors - Cape Ability Outrigger Ohana
Member: New York Marathon Canoe Racing Inc.
Steersman: Rochester Rehab./Sportsnet, Outrigger Canoeing
Volunteer: Lollypop Farm
Volunteer: George Eastman House
Member: Monroe County Bar Association

Recreational Activities

Letters of Recommendation.

Connors & Corcoran, PLLC

Connors & Corcoran Letter of Recommendation

Xerox Corp. / Baycreek Inc.Xerox / Baycreek Letter of Recommendation

SportsNet Inc.SportsNet Letter of Recommendation