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My name is Rich. I am a mechanical engineer with product development and controller software experience that help me achieve product development goals. I also have the terrific experience of being an expert witness in New York State Supreme Court, becoming a New York State Notary Public and gaining first hand experience with the legal process while working at Connors & Corcoran, PLLC. My mechanical engineering experience is founded on product design and development of business machines at Xerox Corporation. My master's degree is from Rochester Institute of Technology and my bachelor's is from Clarkson University. I most enjoy creation of prototype and production designs utilizing my project delivery experience, design analysis training, embedded controller programing knowledge, PC programing training and of course, all the typical machine fabrication elements such as sheet metal stamping, machining, plastic molding, extrusions, concentrics, elastomers and fiber reinforced plastics. My engineering and teamwork skills will drive delivery of your project and provide protection for developed intellectual property as evidenced by the nine U.S patents that bear my name along with other team members.

Engineering is what happens when a technical education is stretched beyond the textbook by an active imagination.

On this site you'll find more information about my background and my interests. ØThe Eastman Organ link briefly describes renovation of Mr. George Eastman's 1905 Aeolian residential pipe organ. This is a project I'm privileged to be a part of. The organ, Opus 947 is a 4 manual, 63 rank, 5 chamber instrument. This long term project involves renovation of 2 chambers and general maintenance of the organ. ØThe Canoe Racing links offer you two free documents that describe design adaptations of paddle sport training equipment. Each document includes all the design details and mechanical analysis of their use. One document is about adapting the Paddle One® for leaning and the other is about raising the Total Gym® on a pedestal.  There is a free race data management macro for use with Microsoft Excel complete with documentation on how to use the macro. Perhaps you'll find the Race Data Manager useful as it is or as an idea sample for your own project.  ØThe Pottery page has photos of  my raku and cone 10 artwork. There are some hand thrown pottery vases with horsehair decoration and hand thrown mugs with stamped logo. ØIf you like Biking as I do then you may be interested in the photos and links about organized bike rides I've done.

Here is one of my favorite quotes "Work hard. Tell everyone everything you know. Close a deal with a handshake. Have fun!"  by M.I.T. professor Mr. Harold Edgerton. Mr Edgerton is the 'E' in EG&G which was founded in 1931. He gained notariety for his powerful strobe lights and the amazing photos of short duration events like a bullet splitting a playing card. EG&G stands for "Edgerton, Germeshausen, and Grier, Inc." and was bought by URS in 2002.

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