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Renovation of George Eastman's 1905 Residential Pipe Organ, Aeolian's Opus 947

I have the priviledge and pleasure of being the lead engineer of a small group of people dedicated to renovating Mr. Eastman's 1905 Pipe Organ. We are generously supported in that work by the Parsons Organ Company of Canandaigua, NY.
Mr. Eastman is the founder of Eastman Kodak Company and he sincerely enjoyed music. So much so that he employed an organist who played for him every day. At one time the home had two organs of similiar size and both were operated from the same console. Sadly, that second organ, Opus 1416 was removed from the house, perhaps during the 1970s. Today the first organ Mr. Eastman installed exists with the same superior design as when Mr. Eastman heard it. Aeolian Opus 947 is a four manual, 63 rank, 5 chamber instrument. It has over 3600 pipes, a 49 tone bar harp and 20 tubular chimes. Currently three of Opus 947's five chambers are operational and used regularly. Two of the chambers, the Swell and the Echo, need renovation to return them to playablity. At present the Swell chamber is being worked on and will soon be rejoining the Great Chamber, the Choir Chamber and the Pedal pipes. Following the Swell chamber's renovation the Echo chamber will  be rebuilt and that will completely restore this magnificant instrument. You can help return this instrument to it's original splendor by making a donation to The George Eastman House and specifically requesting that your contribution be directed to the Organ Restoration Fund.

Please contact the Eastman House at (585) 271-3361 ext. 261

The Great Chamber and Pedal Pipes
on the 2nd floor

The Swell Chamber
on the 2nd Floor

The Great Chamber and Pedal Pipes The Swell Chamber

Mr. Eastman's ResidenceGeorge Eastman's Residence, Rochester, NY

The view from where
Mr. Eastman listened
to the organ daily.The Console, Great Chamber, Choir Chamber and Swell Chamber

The Choir and Echo Chambers
on the 3rd FloorThe Choir and Echo Chambers