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This is the NYMCRA Race Data Manager© preview page.

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Race Data Manager Welcome Screen


From here you can download the beta versions of...

NYMCRA Race Data Manager© Tutorial

NYMCRA Race Data Manager© Program

This program was developed in 2006 - 2007 and

it has not been updated since then.


NYMCRA's Race Data Manager© has 4 goals...

1. To add value to the NYMCRA membership by assisting race directors as they provide the race management service to race participants, the majority of whom are NYMCRA members.

2. To provide race directors an affordable solution for managing race registration data, start/finish time data and delivery of race results by hardcopy and by email.

3. To work together with existing paper registration forms and paper & pencil timekeeping methods. Introduction of the Race Data Manager can be non-intrusive and add value to the timekeeping activity.

4. To add value to the NYMCRA membership by providing the NYMCRA Points Series Chairperson with consistently formatted race results and awarded points. This enables a follow-up method of easy, reliable points tallying and thus the membership gains timely delivery of updated points summaries during the racing season.

The Race Data Manager's data entry screen looks like this...

And the Tutorial table of contents looks like this...

Race Data Manager User Screen         Race Data Manager Table of Contents

To use this program you will need Adobe's free Acrobat reader and Microsoft's Excel.

You can get the free Acrobat reader here.PDF icon

Below are the Tutorial files and the Program files

The easiest way to transfer any of these files to your PC is to right-click on the link and select "Save Target As..."

Tutorial Workbook (MS-Excel workbook with pre-entered data to be used with the tutorial)

Download the Tutorial workbook in MS-Excel format (~900kB)

This is version: v0.61 / 12Jan07 Tutorial

The Tutorial - the seven steps to using the program

Download the tutorial in PDF format (~1.5MB) PDF icon

This is version: v0.2 / 12Jan07

The Program (an MS-Excel workbook with blank data fields)

Download the program in MS-Excel format (~900kB)

This is version: v0.62 / 17Jul07

Extra, for your Convenience on Race Day...

Download the 2007 NYMCRA Classes - Blank Registration Sheets in MS-Excel format (~400kB)

This is version: v0.1 / 16Jan07

Download the 2007 OTHER Classes - Blank Registration Sheets in MS-Excel format (~900kB)

This is version: v0.1 / 16Jan07